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Azure Virtual Network Connectivity Options

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–Published 9/2023–
Duration: 2h21m | 720p | Size: 2.62 GB
Azure VNET Connectivity Options

What you’ll learn
Create connectivity between virtual networks
Create a Point to Site VPN
Create and configure VNET to VNET
Verify virtual network connectivity
Create and Configure VNET peering
What are the requirements or prerequisites for taking your course?
Need to understand difference between IAAS, PAAS and SAAS.
If you are good in Programming, then PAAS suits you.
If you are good in server administration, then IAAS suits you.
Deploying and Managing Azure Virtual Machines
is a 3-hour demo-heavy course that’s designed to be the “next step” for those who have completed my AZ-900 course, entitled
“AZ-900 Exam Prep: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals”
. However, it’s also a fantastic course on its own – and it teaches the student how to deploy and manage Azure virtual machines using the Azure portal.
While it’s been designed as a next step for those who have taken my own AZ-900 course, this course serves as a fantastic complement to really any other AZ-900 course you may have taken, as well. As a matter of fact, this course also helps students prepare for the AZ-103 and AZ-104 exam as well.
If you enroll in this course right now, you’ll learn the following:
What a virtual machine is and when to use it
The difference between Availability Sets and Availability Zones
What Azure VM SLAs are available
How to deploy and configure Windows and Linux virtual machines
How to connect to a Windows VM via RDP
How to use PuttyGen and Putty to connect to a Linux VM via SSH
How to start, stop, restart, redeploy, and resize a VM
How to add and remove data disks
How to snapshot VMs and deploy new VMs from snapshots
How to create VM images and create new VMs from images
How to add and remove virtual NICs
How to tag virtual machines
How to install software on a VM with extensions
How to enable VMs for Insights
How to backup and restore a VM with Azure Backup
If you’ve recently completed an AZ-900 course, this technical hands-on course is the perfect next step for you.
Who this course is for:
Basic computing / Azure knowledge would be helpful
To follow along with the exercises, you’ll need access to a Free or Paid Microsoft Azure account
Software Engineer

More info: https://www.udemy.com/course/azure-virtual-network-connectivity-options-updated-2023/



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