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SAP HANA Cloud Provisioning, Administration and Monitoring

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–Published 9/2023–
Duration: 5h16m | 720p | Size: 2.23 GB
Architecture, Provisioning, Scaling, HA, DR Tools, Operations, Monitoring, Alerts, Backup and Recovery, Security. etc

What you’ll learn
Architecture – Positioning of the SAP HANA Cloud Solution, Differences from on Prem, Data Tiering Options
Provisioning – Spin your own FREE SAP HANA Cloud DB Instance and/or a Data Lake Instance.
Scaling – Understand the HA and DR options
Tools – Understand your way around the SAP BTP, Cloud Central , Cloud Cockpit, Database Explorer
Operations – Start, Stop, Apply Patch, Upgrade, Import Data etc
Monitoring – Monitor Services, Tables, Memory, Sessions, Threads, SQL etc
Alerts – Use the inbuilt Alerts, Create your own Alerts etc
Backup and Recovery – Understand Backup strategy, locate Backups, Recover the DB etc
Security – Create Users, Roles, Grant access, Auditing etc
Knowledge with databases will be helpful though not necessary
Knowledge with cloud hyperscale’s will be helpful though not necessary
SAP HANA is one of the best-selling products in the history of SAP. SAP HANA Cloud is the critical component of the whole SAP Cloud Strategy. It powers the S/4 HANA Suite and various other products. With the increasing cloud adoption, this will be a great skill to add to your skill set.
In this course, you will learn about how to Provision, Administer, and Operate the SAP HANA Cloud Database
Some technical activities can you expect to do
Identify the SAP HANA Cloud architecture and differences from On-Prem
Provision of the database and data lake instance from the BTP Platform
Know your way around the BTP platform and the different Tools
Import project Data, Raw CSV Files
Be able to identify resource utilization for optimization
Upgrade the Database, Apply a patch
Work with Alerts and Trace files
Understand data tiering, HA/DR, Backup and recovery concepts
Recover a database
Grant access to a user using roles and privileges
What can you do project and career-wise
Companion for Certification Prep
Build POCs
Join a Team
Upskill your Team
Enter into SAP Market
Professional and Intuitive Learning
Expressive and immersive teaching with live demonstrations
Small, purposeful videos, packed with information, designed specifically for a virtual self-paced audience.
Course Resources:
Data, Quizzes, and Documentation
Credits: SAP Public Manuals, Slides, blogs, and other resources in the public domain. Credits are due to the corresponding parties.
SAP HANA Cloud is a Product of SAP.
Explicitly mentioned or otherwise.
I am not associated with SAP.
Who this course is for:
Database/Cloud Administrators
Team Members

More info: https://www.udemy.com/course/sap-hana-cloud-provisioning-administration-and-monitoring/



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