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Udemy – Amazon S3 Deep Dive: The Ultimate Guide to AWS Cloud Storage

Last updated 7/2023

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–Last updated 7/2023–
Duration: 11h 4m | 720p | Size: 5.35 GB
Unlock the Power of Amazon S3 – Everything You Need to Know for Faster, Cheaper, and More Secure AWS Cloud Storage

What you’ll learn
Built by an experience instructor with OVER 12 YEARS EXPERIENCE WITH AWS
Understand the fundamental concepts of Amazon S3 and how to create and manage buckets and objects.
Improve security and compliance by implementing S3 encryption, access controls, and monitoring.
Integrate S3 with other AWS services such as EC2, Lambda, and CloudFront for enhanced functionality.
Apply advanced optimization techniques such as lifecycle policies, object tiering, and data compression to achieve even better results with Amazon S3.
Learn alongside of an instructor that has earned 9 x AWS CERTIFICATIONS

Basic knowledge of cloud computing and AWS concepts.
Familiarity with the AWS Management Console and command-line interface (CLI).
Knowledge of AWS security and compliance concepts, including encryption, access controls, and monitoring.
Access to an AWS account with sufficient permissions to create and manage S3 resources.
A computer with a modern web browser and an internet connection.

Maximize your potential with the comprehensive Amazon S3 Deep Dive course, the ultimate resource for mastering cloud storage with Amazon S3.
This AWS course delivers a complete understanding of Amazon S3, from the basics to advanced ptimization techniques. Dive into Amazon S3 through engaging lectures, demos, and student challenges, all while gaining valuable insights into how Amazon S3 operates. You’ll learn how to enhance performance based on your workloads and stored data, and how to reduce long-term costs associated with storing your data in S3. Additionally, discover how to secure your data with multiple S3 security features, integrate S3 with other AWS services, and even host a website using the Static Site Hosting feature.
Whether you’re a newcomer to AWS or an experienced user, this course equips you with the knowledge and skills necessary to leverage Amazon S3 for superior business outcomes.
With lecture, demos, and student challenges, you’ll understand the following:
How Amazon S3 works
How to optimize performance based on your workloads and stored data
Reduce the long-term costs of storing your data in S3
Secure your data using multiple S3 security features
How to integrate S3 with other AWS services
How to host a website using the Static Site Hosting feature
How to automate creation and management of S3 buckets using CloudFormation
Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced AWS user, this course will give you the knowledge and skills to make the most of Amazon S3 and achieve better results for your business.
About The Instructor
Created by an experienced instructor, Bryan has been delivering official online training for many years. He has been working with AWS since 2011, when he deployed workloads in EC2-Classic and hadn’t yet converted to using VPC. Throughout the last 10+ years, Bryan has passed almost every single AWS certification available, at one point having all certifications that AWS offered. As an AWS Cloud Architect, he also spent years designing and implementing large AWS environments for Fortune 500 organizations. Best of all, Bryan is bringing all that knowledge and experience into these AWS courses.
Bryan has been to eight (8) re:Invent conferences, including the very first one in 2012.
Bryan has passed and earned the following AWS certifications:
AWS Certified: Cloud Practitioner
AWS Certified: Solutions Architect Associate
AWS Certified: Solutions Architect Professional
AWS Certified: SysOps Administrator Associate
AWS Certified: Developer Associate
AWS Certified: DevOps Engineer Professional
AWS Certified: Advanced Networking Specialty
AWS Certified: Data Analytics Specialty
AWS Certified: Security Specialty

Who this course is for:
Cloud architects, developers, and IT pros who need to master Amazon S3 for data storage and optimization in the cloud.
Users that need to optimize Amazon S3 storage, reduce costs, and improve security in this course for AWS users of all levels, from beginner to advanced
Businesses and organizations that use AWS will benefit from this course, which covers everything from S3 fundamentals to advanced optimization techniques.

More info: https://www.udemy.com/course/amazon-s3-deep-dive



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