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The Data Analytics of Diversity, Inclusion, and Well-being

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Released: –9/18/2023–
Duration: 42m | .MP4 | 720p | Language: English

Over the last few years across a wide variety of industries, organizations have started to pay closer attention to diversity and inclusion as well as employee well-being. But despite the many resources currently available on these topics, none leverage the power of data analytics, at least not in a practical way. And if you want to improve diversity, inclusion, and well-being in the workplace, you need numbers to quantify results. In this course, instructor Serena Huang covers the why and the how of improving diversity, inclusion, and well-being using data analytics. Learn how to measure diversity, inclusion, and well-being with demonstrable metrics so you can track outcomes and improvements over time. You’ll also learn about the connection between mental health and diversity and inclusion. Upon completing this course, you’ll have the know-how to measure progress toward attaining positive change across your entire organization.

More Info: https://www.linkedin.com/learning/the-data-analytics-of-diversity-inclusion-and-well-being



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