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Sustainable Supply Chains 3: Procurement Strategies (Last updated 5/2023)

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Last updated 5/2023
Duration: 1h 11m | .MP4 | 720p | Language: English
Learn about responsible procurement, sourcing strategies, supplier management, sustainable sourcing matrix, risks

What you’ll learn
Learn a sustainable procurement approach with basic, recurrent, and advanced steps for procurement areas or organizations.
Learn how to prioritize suppliers using a Sustainability Sourcing Matrix, based on business and sustainability impacts
Learn how to identify sustainability risks of products/services before acquiring them, and how to manage those risks in the procurement process
Learn how to engage with others to develop collaboration and work together towards common sustainability goals
Learn how to measure the sustainability impact of procurement practices using different KPIs covering spend, suppliers, purchased resources, and others

The willingness to learn about sustainability, supply chains, and the challenges facing businesses today.
This course is part of a course series on Sustainable Supply Chains: Fundamentals & Reporting, Operational Strategies, and Procurement Strategies. These courses will give you a complete and detailed view of sustainability and supply chains.
With this knowledge, you will be prepared to make a real difference in the world. Why is that? Because supply chains are central enablers for the sustainability goals and commitments of organizations.
We will go from the most basic knowledge to actionable strategies to have an impact and improve your business operations and sustainability goals, through better sustainable supply chain management.
This course is about sustainable procurement and sourcing. In the first chapter, we talk about sustainable vs responsible procurement and the impact of its practices according to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
In the second chapter, we present a 9-step approach to set the basis of a Sustainable Procurement Program through actionable strategies, for continuously improving your business towards sustainability.
In the third chapter, we present some additional benefits that companies get from sustainable procurement practices, apart from the known impacts on the environment, people, and economy.
In the last chapter, we present some sustainability impact KPIs, their objectives, formulas, and guidance for their interpretation.

Who this course is for:
Anyone wanting to learn about Sustainability
Anyone wanting to learn about Supply Chain
Anyone working in a company who wants to understand more about their sustainability performance
Anyone looking for a career in the Supply Chain field or anyone already in the field and wants to increase their knowledge of one of the most important topics globally

More info: https://www.udemy.com/course/sustainable-supply-chains-3-procurement-strategies


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