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Real-World Kubernetes In Action

by freefordownload.net

–Udemy Training–
Published 9/2023
Duration: 4h 2m | .MP4 | 720p | Language: English
Your Go-To Production Kubernetes Resource

What you’ll learn
How to use Kubernetes in the real-world
Kubernetes in production best practices
How to implement Kubernetes in production
How Kubernetes works with other tools and platforms like monitoring and GitOps
How to architect your Kubernetes environment
How to get the job you want in the Kubernetes space
You should have about 6 months to 1 year of Kubernetes experience as this course won’t go over the basics.
Access to AWS
Do you need to learn Kubernetes for your job? Or for the job you want? AND you want to learn how Kubernetes is actually used in the real world?
If so, keep reading.
What You’ll Get
A Kubernetes and containerization course with the content you need to use Kubernetes in the real world. This content was created from real-world scenarios and real production experiences from implementing Kubernetes.
This Course Takes Feedback!
As we all know as engineers, creating a course like this can go in a million different directions. There are literally hundreds or thousands of different ways to do production Kubernetes deployments. Because of that, I want to take your feedback into consideration. If you feel that I’ve missed something, please tell me and I’ll work on adding it. The goal of this course is for it to be a “Forever Edition”.
The other part of this feedback process is my own (Michael Levans) feedback. For example, I may think in a month “Oh, I should really add a video about this into the course”. I’ll then record it and add it to the course at no additional charge to you. You’ll get the extra video for free. This is the joy of creating on a platform like Udemy. I can update the course whenever I want.
What This Course Is Not
As an engineer, there are often times that you have to deploy something to production without going incredibly in-depth into the technology. Why? Because chances are you have a million other deployments you have to do and overall tech management. You simply may not have the time to dive deep into each technology.
This course is very-much following the same protocol. You’re going to learn how to think about and deploy production workloads on Kubernetes, but you aren’t going to dive as deep as possible into each stack like Service Mesh and GitOps. Why? Because if we did that, this course would be over 500 hours long and that length wouldn’t be very beneficial for most.
This course will go in-depth on how to deploy to production, but it will not go in-depth for every single third-party tool, addon, and stack available. There’s simply not enough time to cover it all in one course.
Course Outline
The Kubernetes Real-World course is broken down into three sections:
Day Zero Ops
Day One Ops
Day Two Ops
The goal here is to take you from the planning phase all the way to the implementation and environment management phase. You will learn everything from how to pick what tools you want to use to architecting the environment to managing it 6+ months later with upgrades and patches.
1. Day Zero Ops
Working with teams
Point of contact and communication
Security fundamentals and planning out protocols
Kubernetes Architecture
Creating Best Practices For Your Team
Understanding Which Tools And Platforms To Use
2. Day One Ops
Singletenancy vs multitenancy
Network deployment
Cluster Deployments
Application Deployments
Secrets Management
Helm & Kustomize
Cost & Resource Optimization
3. Day Two Ops
Failover and Backup/DR Strategies
Scaling and upgrading clusters
Scaling and upgrading apps
Monitoring & Observability
Service Mesh
Orchestration Management
See What People Are Saying About Michael Levan’s Training
The Instructor, Michael Levan, Explained The Key Concepts Without Overwhelming Us. Good Pace And Well Done!
“I really found value in your content as compared to others. It is really helpful for people and your followers. Very much appropriate. Thank you for all of your efforts.”
“Really like your content. Some of the best and most digestible Kubernetes content on LinkedIn”
“I really enjoyed reading your stuff and it helps to clarify some confusing topics. Thanks!”
Who this course is for:
Engineers that are either using Kubernetes in production and want to ramp up or engineers that are about to start using Kubernetes in production

More info: https://www.udemy.com/course/real-world-kubernetes-in-action/




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