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Microsoft Copilot Fundamentals

by freefordownload.net

–Udemy Training–
Published 9/2023
Duration: 1h20m | .MP4 | 720p | Language: English
Learn to Install/Enable/Use Microsoft Copilot in Microsoft Products to Enhance Productivity

What you’ll learn
Learn Microsoft Copilot Fundamentals
Learn How Copilot Works
Learn to Enable / Install Copilot in Various Products
Learn to use Copilot in Various Products
Prepare yourself for Copilot for Future

No programming experience required
No special hard core IT skill Required.

Copilot is ChatGPT on steroids.
This Course is about Microsoft Copilot, which is a real game changer for the productivity of end users, business users, and for overall organization.
Copilot is not just a product. It is a way to reduce costs, increase revenues and grow profits.
Please note that this course is NOT for developers, for Developer more aligned course is Github Copilot.
To learn and use Microsoft Copilot you don’t need any special skills. Just gear up to enhance your productivity.
Microsoft Putting a lot of Money, Time, and Energy into the field of Artificial intelligence especially on Copilot, as Microsoft sees it real game changer for productivity. So it is the right time to ride on the Bus.
As Microsoft copilot is quite new and things changing quite fast in this space Since its announcement in March 2023.
I will try my best to keep this course up to date with new updates so you can see new updates frequently.
Since Copilot is more about doing than just talking (real power of Copilot). I will focus more on demonstration and you can practice copilot as per your data, as per your business requirement.
You will get a chance to understand concepts and a see lot of demonstrations.
Let’s Dive in Talk of Town Generative AI-Based Microsoft Copilot.
This Course is Constantly Being Updated based on releases from Microsoft.
Happy Learning Ahead.

Who this course is for:
This Course is for End user /Business Users/IT Administrators
This course is for Microsoft 365 , Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Users

More info: https://www.udemy.com/course/microsoft-copilot-fundamentals



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