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Langchain Legends: Build legendary AI apps with Javascript

by freefordownload.net

–Udemy Training–
Published 9/2023
Duration: 4h16m | .MP4 | 720p | Language: English
Learn RAG and how to build chatbots with Langchain, Pinecone and OpenAI

What you’ll learn
Build your own web app powered by AI and Javascript
RAG: Train your AI to chat with your data (PDF, JSON, Youtube, Docs & more)
Launch & use Vector DBs for long-term chatbot memory
Building Semantic Search Systems: Learn how to construct AI-powered search systems that go beyond keywords
Scalable Knowledge Bases: Build knowledge bases that can scale with user growth and data volume
Some experience in JavaScript (or a similar programming language) is helpful
Some experience in React JS or Next JS is helpful
General awareness of ChatGPT and or OpenAI
The Langchain Legends Course: Building Custom AI-Driven Web Apps with Javascript
Welcome to the future of AI-driven web apps, where every line of code tells a story and every project is a step closer to legend status.
At this point in the game, AI isn’t just an abstract concept—it’s an integral part of our everyday experiences. Whether it’s recommending that perfect song or assisting in complex tasks, AI is transforming our interactions. And here’s your golden ticket to ride the crest of this transformational wave.
Your instructor, Cam Burley, has been navigating the expansive seas of AI since 2016. His early days at the Betaworks BotCamp paved the way for his deep dive into the integration of AI and Javascript. With his guidance, you won’t just be building chatbots; you’ll be crafting intuitive AI systems tailored to unique data sets.
Why This Course?
Tailored Experience: Whether you’ve just dabbled with a few lines of Javascript or you’ve got years of coding under your belt, this course molds itself to fit your pace and expertise.Comprehensive Coverage: Delve deep into Langchain, Pinecone, and OpenAI’s flagship technologies like GPT-3.5-turbo and GPT-4. Plus, polish your frontend and backend skills with Next JS and Node JS.
Hands-On Learning: Code alongside Cam. Begin from scratch and unravel the intricacies of AI in digestible chunks, ensuring every lesson sticks.
Real-World Application: By the course’s end, you’ll have an AI chatbot uniquely attuned to your data, ready to take on the world. And remember, whenever you’re in doubt, the Code Tutor Chatbot has your back.
Practical AI Tools & Frameworks:
Rapidly build with LangChain, a dynamic AI framework supporting models on giants like OpenAI and HuggingFace.
Seamlessly craft with NextJS and NodeJS, ensuring the frontend and backend speak the same language: Javascript.
Deploy without a hitch using
Vercel, ensuring your AI applications reach users effortlessly.
Achievements Post-Course:
Engage in insightful AI-driven chats.
Elevate your tasks with autonomous AI agents.
Showcase your AI marvels for potential employers or customers.
Harness a vast array of AI tools, boosting your development prowess.
Who’s This For?:
If you’re a developer with a pinch of experience in Javascript or React, and a mountain of enthusiasm for AI, this is for you.
Looking to craft with OpenAI and Langchain using NextJS? Step right in!
Jump into the realm where legends are made. Secure your seat, and let’s craft some AI magic!
Who this course is for:
Early to intermediate javascript developers, curious about OpenAI and Langchain
React developers, interested in creating Langchain projects with NextJS

More info: https://www.udemy.com/course/langchain-legends-build-legendary-ai-apps-with-javascript/







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