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Jira Agile Mastery: Real-Life Examples for Scrum Masters

Published 9/2023

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–Udemy Training–
Published 9/2023
Duration: 48m | .MP4 | 720p | Language: English
Practical Techniques for Agile Project Success

What you’ll learn
Scrum Masters
Agile Practitioners
Project Managers
Agile Team Members
Agile Coaches
Basic Understanding of Agile and Jira, Access to Jira, Desire to Learn
Welcome to “Jira Agile Mastery: Real-Life Examples for Scrum Masters,” your comprehensive guide to harnessing the full power of Jira for Agile project management. This hands-on course is meticulously designed to empower Scrum Masters and Agile practitioners with practical, real-world expertise in utilizing Jira.
Course Sections
Section 1: Jira Board Clarity and Customization
Uncover the secrets of Jira board clarity and customization as you explore the following topics:
Colorful Clarity: Mastering Issue Type Color Coding in Jira Boards
: Learn how to visually differentiate issue types for enhanced clarity and prioritization.
Enhancing Team Collaboration: Adding Custom Collaborator Fields to Your Jira Scrum Board
: Dive into collaboration by adding custom collaborator fields, fostering teamwork like never before.
Fostering Collaboration: Making Custom Collaborator Fields Visible on Your Jira Scrum Board
: Discover how to make custom collaborator fields visible, improving team communication and efficiency.
Streamlining Dependency Management: Labels and Dashboards in Jira
: Streamline project dependencies with labels and dashboards, ensuring seamless workflow management.
Section 2: Agile Project Tracking and Time Management
Achieve Agile project mastery with these indispensable skills:
Unlocking Agile Flow: Tracking Blockers with Jira’s Link and Swimlanes Features
: Overcome project obstacles by mastering Jira’s link and swimlane features for tracking blockers.
Deadlines Unleashed: Tracking Issue Due Dates with Jira’s Default Fields
: Keep projects on track with effective issue due date tracking using Jira’s default fields.
Sprint Management Mastery: Tracking Issues Added After Sprint Start with Jira Filters
: Ensure agile sprint success by tracking issues added post-sprint start with Jira filters.
Meeting Deadlines with Precision: Tracking Overdue Issues in Jira Using Filters
: Improve deadline management through precise tracking of overdue issues using Jira filters.
Section 3: Workflow Optimization and Task Assignment
Enhance workflow efficiency and task assignment proficiency:
Optimizing Workflow Efficiency: Tracking Highest Aging Issues in Jira with Filters
: Optimize workflows by identifying and addressing high-aging issues efficiently using Jira filters.
Tracking Agile Momentum: Mastering Recently Moved Issues with Jira Filters
: Maintain Agile momentum with expert-level tracking of recently moved issues, streamlining project progress.
Effortless Task Assignment: Mastering User Story Assignment with Jira Workflow Automation
: Simplify task assignment with Jira workflow automation, allowing for effortless user story management.
Join us on this journey to become a Jira Agile master, armed with the practical knowledge and skills needed to excel in your role as a Scrum Master or Agile practitioner. Enroll today and experience the transformation of your Agile project management with Jira.
Who this course is for:
Beginner Scrum Masters or Project Manager looking for real-life examples in order to excel in their roles and make the most of Jira as a tool for Agile project management.

More info: https://www.udemy.com/course/jira-agile-mastery-real-life-examples-for-scrum-masters





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