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How to Simulate Electronic Properties of Nano Structures

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Duration: 2h 11m | 720p | Size: 1.1 GB
Simulate Band Structure of nanostructures like Graphene & Carbon NT in Matlab. Tight Binding/E-K diagram/ Nanotechnology

What you’ll learn
You’ll be able to model electronic properties of periodic structures, examine your ideas and propose results for your projects, thesis and publications
About Band structure, how to read and analyze a given E-K diagram. What does Energy band and level means and also relation between energy and momentum in E-K diagram
Tight binding model. What it is, how it works
Concept of Band gap and what does direct or indirect band gap mean
How to implement Tight Binding method in Matlab to explore Band-structure (E-k), Bad ap and obtain Hamiltonian Matrix of periodic structures
Bloch Theorem for periodic nanostructures and answers of Schrodinger equation for periodic potential
Become familiar with Graphene Nanoribbon and Carbon Nanotube structures and model their properties in Matlab
About Schrodinger equation and E-K diagram of free electron

Who this course is for:
Whoever wants to come up with futuristic nano-scale systems that could propose novel and exciting features
Students and researchers who are interested in Carbon Nanotube, Graphene Nanoribbons and want to start doing research about nanostructures
Undergrad and Graduates who want to learn about Tight Binding method through step by step coding and handle their research and projects
Beginners who want to step in nano-world and acquire some feeling of how nanosystems work by doing simulation
Anyone who wants to know about electronic properties like Band gap of nanostructure and learn a method to calculate them
Anyone who wants to know about band structure (E-k diagram) and how to analyze it

More info: https://www.udemy.com/course/how-to-simulate-electronic-properties-of-nano-structures





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