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Effectively Leading Digital Transformation

by freefordownload.net

Linkedin Learning
Released / Updated: –10/3/2023–
Duration: 1h 23m | .MP4 | 720p | Language: English

Organizations must radically transform their processes as new tools and systems continue to roll out. What is driving this revolution? How can you help your organization prepare? How can YOU prepare? In this course, senior-level learning and development professional Phil Gold highlights how you can lead your business to success as you implement more digital transformations of workflows and systems. Learn about the background of business transformation, from definitions to working online to the evolution of automation and AI. Go over potential blockers to a successful transformation and how you can overcome them. Discover techniques to manage your digital transformation, and explore ways you can use AI effectively in the workplace. Plus, learn the steps you need to take beyond the launch to keep your organization’s digital transformation moving in the right direction.

More Info: https://www.linkedin.com/learning/effectively-leading-digital-transformation-22877673



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