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Cyber security Phishing analysis from Scratch

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Last updated 8/2023
Duration: 2h 3m | .MP4 | 720p | Language: English
Essential Skills for Cybersecurity: Phishing Analysis Techniques for Everyone

What you’ll learn
Introduction to phishing: Understanding what phishing is, its goals, and common techniques used by attackers.
Phishing attack vectors: Exploring different types of phishing attacks, including email phishing, spear phishing, pharming, vishing (voice phishing), and more.
Phishing email analysis: Learning how to analyze suspicious emails to identify phishing attempts, including examining email headers, email content, embedded lin
Tools and technologies: Introducing various tools and technologies used for phishing analysis, such as email headers analyzers, URL scanners, sandbox environmen
Indicators of phishing: Identifying common indicators and red flags in phishing emails, websites, and other forms of communication.
Incident response and mitigation: Developing incident response strategies to handle phishing incidents effectively, including containment, eradication, and reco
Best practices and preventive measures: Exploring best practices for preventing phishing attacks, including user awareness training, email filters, multi-factor
Case studies and real-world examples: Analyzing real-world phishing attacks and studying notable case studies to gain practical insights into phishing analysis

Basic knowledge of computers

In the “Cyber Security Phishing Analysis from Scratch” course, you will embark on a comprehensive journey into the world of phishing analysis. Phishing attacks continue to pose a significant threat to individuals and organizations, making it crucial to understand their techniques and how to defend against them effectively.
This course is designed to equip you with the essential knowledge and practical skills required to analyze phishing attacks from scratch. Whether you’re a beginner in the field of cybersecurity or an experienced professional looking to enhance your expertise, this course caters to a wide range of learners.
Throughout the course, you will delve into the intricacies of phishing attacks, uncovering their underlying methodologies and motivations. You will learn how to identify common phishing tactics and distinguish them from legitimate communications. By studying real-life case studies and analyzing phishing emails and websites, you will develop a keen eye for spotting malicious intent.
The course will guide you through various analysis techniques, including email header analysis, URL examination, and payload investigation. You will gain hands-on experience using industry-standard tools and methodologies to dissect phishing campaigns and uncover valuable indicators of compromise.
Furthermore, you will explore the psychology behind phishing attacks, understanding the tactics used to manipulate human behavior. By grasping these psychological aspects, you will be better equipped to educate and protect yourself and others against phishing threats.
Key Topics Covered:
Introduction to phishing attacks and their impact on cybersecurity
Differentiating between legitimate and phishing communications
Analyzing email headers and identifying suspicious elements
Examining URLs for signs of phishing and counterfeit websites
Identifying and dissecting malicious payloads
Understanding the psychology of phishing attacks
Real-life case studies and hands-on analysis exercises
Implementing effective defense strategies and educating others about phishing threats
By the end of this course, you will have a solid foundation in phishing analysis and be capable of detecting and mitigating phishing threats effectively. Prepare to enhance your cybersecurity skills and contribute to a safer online environment for yourself and your organization.

Who this course is for:
Students and beginners in cybersecurity, IT professionals, SOC analysts

More info: https://www.udemy.com/course/cyber-security-phishing-analysis-from-scratch



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