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AutoCAD Civil 3D Topographic and Boundary Survey

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–Udemy Training–
Published 10/2023
Duration: 4h25m | .MP4 | 720p | Language: English

A Complete course for beginners an advance Professional Level

What you’ll learn
Topographic and Boundary Survey
Setting Survey Databases, Equipment Databases, Figure Prefix Databases, Linework Code Sets
Field to Finish
Detailed Filed Data Explaintion
Creating TIN Surfaces
Balancing Traverse
Translating Survey
Productiviy Tips and Tricks
For This course no specific requirement but some basic AutoCAD Civil 3D, basic computer skills
Have Civil 3D Installed Any Version
You can maintain consistent data and improve project performance with the help of the features and tools provided by AutoCAD Civil 3D software, a design and documentation solution for civil engineering. Learn how to use this powerful software to deal with every task involved in a survey project, such as boundary analysis and generating TIN surfaces, in this course. Murad Farooq, your instructor, takes you through the process of creating your survey database to get you going. In addition, he shows how to translate surveys, draw and mark boundaries, and construct automatic linework. He gives some excellent productivity tips at the end of the course.
Significant Highlights of the Course:
1. 1-Welcome
2. What to Know
3. Exercise Files
Getting Started
1. Topographic Data, Filed data, and codes
2. Drawing or Survey
3. How to Set up Survey Database
4. Point Style and Points Properties
Field to Finish
1. Explain Filed to Finish Workflow
2. Description: Key sets
3. Figure prefix database
4. Linework code sets
5. Creating Automatic Linework
6. How to install the Support file for the survey database on the machine
Explain Points Completely Detailed
1. Points introduction
3. Create Points on Polyline
7. Points group settings
About The TIN Surfaces
1. Introduction to TIN Surfaces
2. Adding definition to The Surface
3. Quality Checks
4. Surface Boundaries
5. Create Surface from CSV File
6. Delete Extra lines From the Surface
7. Change Contour Smoothing and contour intervals
8. Surface Style
9. Create a surface from 3D points polyline AutoCAD points and DEM
10. Add surface labels
11. Grid on Surface
12. Surface Analysis
13. Surface Analysis Table
14. Export and Import surfaces
Boundary Survey in Autodesk Civil 3D
1. How to Draw a Boundary
2. How to Label a Boundary
3. Creating tags and tag tables
4. Creating PARCEL
5. Map Check
Introduction to Parcels:
What are parcels?
Parcel properties and labels
Parcels Subdivide and Slide line
Edit Slide Line
Swingline and Swingline Eidt
Free Form and other options
Parcel Union & Dissolve
Parcels Table and Table Settings
Parcel details report and table data export
Productivity Tips and Tricks
Grips in Civil 3D
Measuring tools in AutoDesk Civil 3D
Area calculations in AutoDesk Civil 3D
Centerline and Center mark
Panorama Window
Transparent Command
Inquiry tool
Who this course is for:
Anyone wishing to learn AutoCAD Civil 3D or Topographic Surveying
Survey Engineering students
Civil Engineering Students

More info: https://www.udemy.com/course/autocad-civil-3d-topographic-and-boundary-survey/

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