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AI Art Generation Guide: Learn 12+ AI Art Tools | AI Artists

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–Udemy Training–
Published 9/2023
Duration: 16h 23m | .MP4 | 720p | Language: English
Learn AI Art – Midjourney, DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, BlueWillow, DreamStudio, RunwayML, Adobe Firefly, ClipDrop, AI Art

What you’ll learn
Discover the different AI art generation tools and understand their unique characteristics, similarities, and differences
Learn how to leverage the strengths and navigate the limitations of AI image generators.
Learn Midjourney, DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, BlueWillow, DreamStudio, RunwayML, Adobe Firefly, ClipDrop
Embrace not only AI art generators but also AI art editors, like Adobe Firefly and ClipDrop.

An open mind, curiosity, and eagerness to learn are the most important prerequisites for this course.

Don’t just learn one AI Art Generation tool – learn them all!
Become a well rounded AI Artist and Learn the most popular 12+ AI Art Tools, Midjourney, DALL-E, and more.
We go through all the most popular AI Art Tools: Midjourney, DALL-E, Images AI, Lexica, Dreamstudio, BlueWillow, ClipDrop, Adobe Firefly, RunwayML, Leonardo AI, Asrtia AI, and Automatic1111 (SD).
Why learn all AI Art Generation tools instead of just one?
Midjourney is great for photorealistic images, but is not at all for inpainting. For that, you can use Leonardo, but that’s not image customization. For that, you should use Stable Diffusion (Automatic1111) libraries. How about if you need to upscale, relight, or edit? Then ClipDrop is the way to go? Get my drift? Different tools do different things – so to become a well rounded AI Artist – you should learn them all!
Embark on an exhilarating journey through the captivating world of AI Art Generation in this comprehensive 11-hour plus course that ignites your creativity.
Explore groundbreaking technologies such as DALL-E, Stable Diffusion (SD), and Images AI that are reshaping the art-making process. Delve into the realm of basic AI Photo editing tools and unlock the full potential of ClipDrop, Adobe Firefly, RunwayML, Leonardo AI, and AUTOMATIC1111 to create awe-inspiring visual masterpieces.
Unleash the full force of your creativity and watch your imagination come to life with the incredible power of AI.
What is this course all about?
Our primary goal is to teach you not just one, but all the AI Art generation tools (like Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, and more). We equip you with a deep understanding of various AI image generation and editing technologies, enabling you to take your artistry to new heights.
What is AI Art Generation?
AI art generation is the process of creating art and images using artificial intelligence (AI). This technique entails using AI algorithms and machine learning to help produce art and image (like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion). AI art generators are trained on large image datasets to learn the correlations between colors, forms, and other visual components. As a result, they can develop new sets of images, such as new artworks, imitate existing styles, or add artistic features to images.
Why learn all AI Art Generation tools instead of just one?
Midjourney is great for photorealistic images, but is not at all for inpainting. For that, you can use Leonardo, but that’s not image customization. For that, you should use Stable Diffusion (Automatic1111) libraries. How about if you need to upscale, relight, or edit? Then ClipDrop is the way to go? Get my drift? Different tools do different things – so to become a well rounded AI Artist – you should learn them all!
Who are the instructors for this course?
Henry Habib – A data and AI professional and an advocate of no-code development and AI education who has impacted the lives of over 100,000+ students by offering diverse courses to share his knowledge and expertise.
Katerina Antonenko (from The Intelligent Worker) – An AI professional with a unique blend of expertise in natural science and computer science. Currently based in Canada, she’s busy crafting animated and educational videos for tech firms, with a specialization in decentralized technology, artificial intelligence, and crypto. Beyond her technical pursuits, she has a deep love of art and creativity, finding satisfaction in creating stunning digital artworks and expressing herself through the timeless medium of oil paints.
Why choose this course?
Comprehensive Coverage: This course delves into many elements of AI art generation, including picture generation, image manipulation, outpainting, image-to-image generation, prompt writing methodologies, advanced settings, and model training, which ensures an in-depth understanding of each AI image generation platform.
Diverse AI Art Generation Tools: The course covers a wide range of AI art generation tools, including DALL-E, Images ai, Lexica ai, DreamStudio, BlueWillow, Midjourney, ClipDrop, Adobe FireFly, RunwayML, Leonardo ai, Astria ai, and AUTOMATIC1111 which gives students a thorough understanding of numerous AI-based artistic techniques and applications.
Industry-standard Software: Many of the tools and platforms covered in the course, such as Adobe FireFly and RunwayML, are extensively used in the creative industry, providing learners with significant experience with industry-standard software.
Real-world Applications: In addition to focusing on artistic creativity, the course illustrates practical applications in tasks such as photo editing, background removal, recoloring, text effects, and more, making it applicable to graphic design and other industries.
Instructor Assistance: The course provides instructor assistance, allowing students to seek guidance, clarification, and feedback from our instructors at any time during their learning journey.
Course Overview:
Introduction: The course introduction gives an overview of the curriculum, including roadmaps and a full comparison of all of the AI image-generating tools that will be taught. Learners are also introduced to the instructors, who will guide and support them during the course.
DALL-E: This section covers an introduction to the platform and its capabilities, as well as image generation, editing techniques, outpainting, prompt writing examples, and useful resources for effective prompt creation.
Prompt Writing: The section tackles prompt writing approaches such as subject and medium, composition, action, details, negative prompts, stylizers, and portrait and landscape examples, as well as supplementary resources for effective prompt creation.
Images AI: This part introduces learners to Images AI, exploring its features and advanced options such as models, prompt guidance, and steps, as well as demonstrating image generation through examples.
Lexica art: Explores the features of Lexica art, including image generation for portrait, logo, cartoon, and sci-fi, utilizing the prompt guidance parameter and image-to-image generation capabilities.
DreamStudio AI: Introduces learners to its features and models, offering a platform for image generation with the use of seed parameters for creative exploration.
BlueWillow: Covers an introduction to BlueWillow, including Discord setup and an overview of its features. It also delves into image generation, as well as image-to-image generation techniques.
Midjourney: This section offers a comprehensive introduction to Midjourney, covering its setup, basic commands, and various functionalities. It also includes diverse examples, allowing learners to experiment with artistic creations across various styles.
AI Photo Editing Tools: Explore the world of basic AI photo editing with tools like bigjpg, vectorize, segment-anything, and creatorkit for enhancing your creative projects.
ClipDrop: Covers ClipDrop overview and editing features.
Adobe Firefly: Provides an in-depth understanding of its features and editing capabilities.
RunwayML: Offers a comprehensive explanation of AI art generation techniques, covering text-to-image and image-to-image generation, as well as training custom generators. Participants will learn to expand and manipulate images with features like frame interpolation, backdrop remix, upscale image, and 3D texture manipulation.
Leonardo AI: Introduces learners to Leonardo, providing an overview of its image generation capabilities in both txt-to-img and img-to-img modes. Students will explore Leonardo’s parameters for generating images, as well as techniques for outpainting and inpainting using AI Canvas.
Astria AI: Learners will be introduced to the concept of model training.
AUTOMATIC1111: Provides a complete overview, covering setup in Google Colab and RunDiffusion, along with exploring basic and advanced parameters and other functionalities.
Project: A bonus section of the course that offers exciting opportunities to explore AI-generated creativity, including creating a comic book version of oneself with Astria AI and A1111, designing a book cover with Midjourney and A1111, and crafting a logo using Midjourney, Leonardo, Clipdrop, Vectorizer, and Firefly.

Who this course is for:
This course is designed for people from all backgrounds who have a desire to learn more about AI-driven creativity. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast looking to combine your love of artificial intelligence with artistic expression, a content creator looking to create compelling visual content, a graphic designer looking to improve your design skills, or an experienced or aspiring artist looking for inspiration, this course provides a dynamic platform to unlock your creative potential and harness the power of AI in your artistic pursuits.
Professionals in the creative fields of advertising, marketing, and multimedia who want to include AI-generated material into their initiatives.
Photographers, artists, designers, and illustrators who want to enhance and transform their images, as well as explore innovative techniques and broaden their artistic horizons.

More info: https://www.udemy.com/course/ai-art-generation-guide




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