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Product Management Masterclass with 50+ Case Studies!

by freefordownload.net

–Udemy Training–
Published 9/2023
Duration: 6h 34m | .MP4 | 720p | Language: English
Ace the Product interview with case studies on Product Design, Metrics, Strategy, Estimation & Problem Solving

What you’ll learn
Build a portfolio of 50+ case studies, ready to apply to product managers roles
Examples from leading products like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Uber, Netflix and Amazon
Ace the PM interview with case studies on Product Design, Metrics, Strategy, Estimation & Problem Solving
Understand the key responsibilities of a product manager and the skills required for success in this role.
Handle behavioral questions during product management interviews with confidence and ease.
Continuously improve your product based on customer feedback and market trends.
Use analytics and metrics to measure the performance of your product and make data-driven decisions.
Identify customer needs and prioritize product features based on customer feedback.
Understand how to get at the root of customer pain points
Understand the modern Product Development Process that both Fortune 500s and Startups adhere to
Build Digital Products from scratch as a Product Manager
Solve estimation or guesstimate questions during product interviews
Develop product roadmap and vision that aligns with company vision

No experience needed. You will learn everything you need to know. All you need is a desire to learn product management

Looking to kickstart or boost your career in
Product Management
with a high salary? (average salary reported on Glassdoor: $100,000)
This course is all you need!
50+ real world case studies
and practical exercises, this course offers a deep understanding of product management concepts and their real-world applications. This is primarily a
Learn By Doing
course. So we’ll quickly dive into
real-world exercises
that demonstrate how successful teams build Products.
We’ll use examples from leading products like
Google, Facebook, Instagram, Uber, Netflix
and solve the following types of interview questions:
Product Design
Product Strategy
Product Metrics
Problem Solving
Product Improvement
All of this taught by a
product management insider
– The Whacky Professor!
Say goodbye to:
– Failing in product interviews
– Suffering from imposter syndrome in your job
– Expensive MBAs with uncertain ROI
Don’t let uncertainty hold you back from your dream job. With our course, you’ll gain the confidence and expertise to secure your place as a successful Product Manager, regardless of your background or experience.
Students aren’t required to know anything beforehand – we’ll teach you the fundamentals, how to apply them, how to develop into an advanced product manager, and finally how to
maximize your chances to get a job as a Product Manager
. Enroll now and unlock your full potential as a Product Manager.
Who this course is for:
Aspiring product managers who want to get a job in product management
Experienced Product Managers who want to improve their skillset
Junior or Associate Product Managers who want to learn how to be irreplaceable at their job
Anyone who wants to transition to a product management role (Engineers, CSMs, Developers, Marketers, Salesfolks)
Entrepreneurs who want to master the product development process
Anyone who wants to learn about product management with practical knowledge

More info: https://www.udemy.com/course/product-management-masterclass-with-50-case-studies/



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