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ESG & Sustainability: ESG Corporate Masterclass 2023

by freefordownload.net

–Udemy Training–
Last updated 3/2023
Duration: 4h16m | .MP4 | 720p | Language: English
Gain a Competitive Edge by Learning About ESG Frameworks, Reporting, Investing, Program Implementation, CSR and more

What you’ll learn
Understand the true definition of ESG and the evolution of corporate responsibility to ESG.
Identify the differences and similarities between ESG and CSR.
Analyze ESG issues and their impact on organizations and stakeholders.
Evaluate the importance of ESG for organizations in terms of risk management, competitive advantage, access to capital, regulatory compliance, and stakeholder.
Compare and contrast different ESG frameworks for measuring, managing, and reporting performance.
Recognize the principles of ESG investing and how it differs from traditional investing.
Identify ESG factors to consider when investing, different types of factors/benchmarks, and investment strategies.
Identify the challenges associated with ESG investing, such as data quality, standardization, and transparency.
Identify key roles and responsibilities to drive ESG within an organization.
Understand how to implement an ESG program step-by-step and best practices.
Prioritize ESG issues based on their importance to stakeholders and business.
Select relevant ESG frameworks to follow based on your organization’s needs.
Develop a strategic vision and garner buy-in for your ESG program.
Conduct a materiality assessment to identify key ESG issues.
Conduct a materiality assessment to identify key ESG issues.
Create a roadmap with a dedicated timeline, budget, and actions for implementing your ESG program.
Assign resources with defined roles and responsibilities within your organization.
Engage stakeholders to ensure their buy-in and support.
Implement ESG progress and procedures to ensure ongoing improvement.
Monitor and measure ESG performance to track progress and identify areas for improvement.
Communicate your ESG program effectively to stakeholders.
Understand career opportunities within the ESG field and their importance.

Basic computer literacy and access to a computer with a stable internet connection.
No prior knowledge of ESG or sustainability is required, as the course covers the fundamentals and builds from there.
A strong desire to learn about ESG and how it can benefit businesses and society is highly encouraged.

Who this course is for:
ESG professionals who want to enhance their knowledge and skills in ESG and sustainability.
Corporate professionals who want to integrate ESG initiatives into their organizations and improve their ESG programs.
Professionals who have little or no knowledge of ESG and sustainability but are interested in learning more about the subject.
Individuals who want to pursue a career in ESG and sustainability or want to transition into a new career in this field.
People who want to get ESG certified and gain a deep understanding of ESG frameworks, reporting standards, and best practices.
Anyone who is interested in understanding the importance of ESG and how it can positively contribute to society and the environment while achieving better business results.

More info: https://www.udemy.com/course/esg-sustainability-corporate-masterclass-2023






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