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Complete Beginner SMC Course

by freefordownload.net

–Udemy Training–
Published 9/2023
Duration: 3h14m | .MP4 | 720p | Language: English
SMC Forex Trading

What you’ll learn
Learning The Market SMC Basics
Supply and Demand
Pips, what are they? How do you calculate “pips”?
How Do Banks Effect The Market
Type of BUY/SELL Orders
Technical/Fundamental Analysis
Money & Risk Management
Institutional Trading
Be able to understand the English language
Basic IT skills
Our new Forex course starts from the very basics to mastering trading, so you can learn whatever your previous knowledge is!
Have an experienced trader tell you everything they know about how banks and market makers move the market and how you can join in with them and make profit by capturing traders liquidity.
Discover the secrets of successful trading in the foreign exchange market with our Forex Smart Money Concept (SMC) Trading Mastery course. Designed for traders of all levels, this course offers a comprehensive exploration of the SMC strategy, a powerful tool employed by seasoned traders and institutions.
Throughout this immersive program, you will gain in-depth insights into the principles of the Smart Money Concept, covering topics such as market manipulation, order flow analysis, and institutional trading techniques. Our expert instructors will guide you through real-world case studies, helping you identify high-probability trade setups and make informed decisions.
Key Course Highlights:
Understanding Smart Money Concepts
Order Flow Analysis and Liquidity
Spotting Market Manipulation
Advanced Technical and Fundamental Analysis
Risk Management and Position Sizing
Developing a Winning Trading Plan
Upon completing this course, you’ll have the knowledge and expertise to navigate the Forex market with confidence, utilizing the Smart Money Concept to your advantage. Join us and unlock the potential for sustained trading success in the competitive world of Forex.
This course is designed for educational purposes and does not constitute financial advice. The information provided should not be considered as a recommendation to engage in any specific trading activities.
By enrolling in this Forex trading course, participants acknowledge and accept the risks associated with trading in the Forex market. The course provider and instructors are not liable for any financial losses or damages incurred as a result of trading activities. Participants are encouraged to trade responsibly and with caution, and to seek professional advice when needed.
Who this course is for:
beginner Forex students
intermediate Forex students
Forex students that want to know how to trade institutional trading
Forex traders

More info: https://www.udemy.com/course/complete-beginner-smc-course






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